My name is Cierra Calfee. Basically, I am a current Creative Center student going to be graduating in June with an Associate degree and Occupational Studies of Design, Illustration, and Graphics. I want to do some freelance work, as well as work for a company, but that won't be into affect until I graduate next year with my Bachelor degree at the Creative Center. I am an outgoing, fun worker who enjoys the days of busting my butt for deadlines, as well as pleasing the people that need my assistance.















If you have any questions about my work or have any interest in contacting me to either assist or even work for you, I most certainly can be contacted by email, phone, mail, or a combination of all three if you want.


My email is

My phone number is 712-303-1306.

And my current address is 3425 North 93rd Street Apartment #6, Omaha, NE, 68134.


Thank you so much for taking the time to view my work and my future skills and efforts to become a graphic designer. I will most definitely get back to you.


Thanks again,


Cierra Jo Calfee


You can also follow or see my work on the following websites: